Stotranjali: Hindu Devotional Poems / Mantras (Malayalam Edition)

Stotranjali: Hindu Devotional Poems / Mantras (Malayalam Edition)

Stotranjali is a compilation of hymns, mantras, God's hymns and hymns that have been practiced in ancient Kerala (India) from ancient times. There is no doubt that its recitation of evening and occasional functions can lead to bliss and mental and intellectual development. Buy it in all Hindu homes. The beautiful and deep meaningful lines are tribute to God Vishnu, Siva, Ganapathi (Ganesh), Swamy Ayyappa (Sasthav), Saraswathi, Narasimha, Guru (Teacher), etc. The poems (Sthotras) are collected by Sudhir Neerattupuram. He is the famous writer, Blogger, Editor, social worker in Kerala.


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