Agitation against Aranmula  International Airport (Essays)

Agitation against Aranmula International Airport (Essays)

Aranmula International Airport is an airport project planned to be built at Aranmula, Kerala in India, at a cost of Rs. 20 billion. The airport is abandoned both by central and state governments and it is a closed chapter now. The airport is proposed to be built on about 700 acres (2.8 km2) of land. The controversial project faces strong protest from environmentalists and outsider people as well as the opposition parties in Kerala. The State Government, however, is of the view that the Airport is necessary and has declared that it would go ahead with the project, notwithstanding the Parliamentary Standing Committee's opposition to it. The project is expected to generate 1,500 direct and 6,000 indirect jobs. The project has been rejected by Ministry of Environment. World Malayalee council said they already finalised few sites in Kottayam, Idukki and Pathanamthitta and preference has been given to few estates in Erumeli and Pathanamthitta.
The Airport project is being promoted by the KGS Group which is involved in real estate development and construction, infrastructure development, healthcare and engineering. The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group has a 15 per cent stake in the group's flagship company, KGS Developers Ltd. Reliance ADAG is also an equal partner in three of the township projects that KGS is planning in Chennai.
Aranmula Heritage Village Action Council patron, Kummanam Rajasekharan (Present BJP Kerala State President) have threatened to disrupt the construction work if it were to commence as announced by KGS group citing that the local public had no other way but to resort to a confrontationist approach. He said the Council was protesting not against the airport or development but against the illegal filling of water streams, wetlands and paddy fields at the site whilst also blocking some of the major tributaries of the river Pampa especially since many estates and plantations with expired leases were available in the Chandanappally, Kodumon, Perunad, Lahai and Cheruvally regions located in Pathanamthiita.
Supreme Court of India ratified the order of National Green Tribunal Verdict declaring Aranmula Airport Project as violating all environmental requirements. Consequently, Narendra Modi Government has withdrawn its sanction for the Airport.
Unity, determination, passion and formidable organisation have secured a triumph for social and environmental justice. The success of the struggle to save Aranmula from being wiped off the map is a historic verdict for conservation of farmland in Kerala and a sign of hope for rural communities all over India who face displacement for industrialization.
Sudhir Neerattupuram written about various reports, essays, interviews etc. against Aranmaula Airport in various publications in Kerala. This book is the small history of the Agitation against Aranmaula International Airport done by the poor villagers in Aranmula.
"Aranmula Vimanathavala Virudha Prakshobanam" (Essays)


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